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Propylene Glycol – Is it a Dangerous Product You Use Daily?

The next time you pick up that bottle of lotion or shampoo — check the back of the bottle and see if it has a chemical called propylene glycol. Then look at all the skin products in your home — and see if they have it in them. You’d probably be shocked at just how […]

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Potty Training and Diaper Testing

I have to begin figuring out an approach to potty training. I have a wonderful cousin who lives in Washington DC who trained her son by 2 years old. He’s actually using the “big people potty”. I’m not sure how early to start Mr Nicholas. But at least some schools of thought are “the earlier […]

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H1N1 Flu and Kids

Let the Sneezing Begin!? All the talk about H1N1 has made me wonder how much my pediatrician will pressure me the next time I walk into the office about giving Nicholas a vaccination. His one year check up is less than a month away and I’m reading about recommendations and a ton of fear laced […]

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