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10 Things I’ve learned This Year!

10 Things I’ve Learned With Nicholas This Year 1. Patience is showing loving care toward one another, but also love to yourself. It forces you to slow down, take time and experience the moments a little more intensely. 2. Look at the good in every situation. When I’m bogged down with deadlines and student complains, […]

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Often What Goes Wrong is Right with Autism and Life

I want to first say — thank God for some things that went wrong this year. Sometimes what goes wrong is right when it comes to autism and life in general. Often when things don’t go in the direction you hope, you get angry, frustrated and discouraged. And this year I experienced all three emotions […]

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Don’t Buy into the Labels – Temple Grandin Advice

Many people introduced to autism know the name Temple Grandin, her inspirational story and her advice to parents like me which is: “don’t buy into labels.” Dr. Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. She is a leading advocate for autistic communities and […]

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REWIND IT! – Asperger’s Adults Give Me A Clue

Nicholas loves a handful of cartoon feature films including: The Incredibles, Monster’s Inc., Finding Nemo, Wreck It Ralph and The Lorax. My husband has said he’d love to take Nicholas to the theater to see the new movie Monster’s University but there’s just one problem. Nicholas would probably start yelling at some point during the […]

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A Question Marks a Big Milestone in Progress with Autism

A Huge Milestone in Progress with Autism I had to share this because I believe one small question today marked a huge milestone in my son’s development since he was diagnosed with autism. My husband bought my son Nicholas the DVD Wreck it Ralph over the weekend.  My son has been watching the movie over […]

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