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Artist Michael Tolleson

Art And Asperger’s Syndrome – A Combined Discovery at 55 Years Old

What if you picked up a paint brush on a dare and started painting pictures that sold for thousands of dollars – and you had NO TRAINING AT ALL? That’s what happened to Michael Tolleson. Watch the Podcast Now – Below. In this episode of Conversations on The Spectrum, Tolleson shares how he discovered at […]

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Nicholas holding his ears

Holiday Shopping and Sensory Overload

The next time you see a really BIG kid in a stroller at the mall don’t criticize the parent but think there might be a reason…and the reason might be sensory overload. We’ve said bye, bye to Black Friday and the official holiday shopping season is off and running. I admit it. I was one […]

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Autism – Tough Challenge Ahead

So much has happened since my last blog entry. So many times I felt like I just shouldn’t write about it because I was so embarrassed but after talking to other parents and tons of reading I’ve found I am not alone. Statistics from experts show that one in 100 kids are now diagnosed with […]

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