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Listening With More Than Ears_Aspergers journey

I have found in my journey as a mom, I have to listen to my son with more than just my ears – especially when it comes to Aspergers. Listening takes practice and often time to step back and let the conversation marinate. Because with some conversations you have to consider, history, context, emotional state, […]

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Five Moments of Reflection

Today’s five moments of reflection.1. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow. Staying stuck on what went wrong only slows down your ability to learn from it. 2. The tree that is able to bend when the storm winds blow will likely get blown down but later spring back up and won’t be broken. […]

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Two Surgical Bites out of my Chest

Today I look back with thanks that I made it through another year. The reason I am bringing this up so late after New Year’s Day is because of some medical testing a couple days ago. Friday I finished up allergy testing at Hackensack’s allergy center. I was being tested to see if I was […]

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First Step resolution – Commitment to 2016

Every year people make New Year’s resolutions. Some people say they hate them. They say they don’t work. I have known to make commitments in the past and not stuck to them, however, I’ve picked something that I think I could actually achieve. And it’s a one blog, vlog or post a week. I had […]

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It’s the first day of the NEW YEAR 2016

I’ve made a New Year’s resolution. It’s a commitment for 2016 which includes blogging or vlogging or posting to this blog at least once a week. I know I’ve been very neglectful but I always felt as if I had to have something profound to add. And honestly, I realize it doesn’t have to be […]

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