Momma911 is a creation of Esther Miller Dillard

NBC 25 ANCHOR PHOTOEsther Miller Dillard is a former reporter and anchor.

I will be expanding my skills this September, 2013 as a newly hired interim Assistant Professor of Communications at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, NJ. My role will be a teacher and coordinator for the campus internet radio station WBCR.

I started this blog as an attempt to get some advice from parents and caregivers on parenting. However, the site is in the midst of a change, focusing on how to handle high functioning autism.

Recently, my son, who is now four-years-old, was diagnosed with autism. Despite the diagnosis, I didn’t lose hope but began to research some of the options for treatment and support. This website is an attempt to highlight some of the information found on the very complex world of autism and asperger’s syndrome.

Today, the site has more video and audio elements than in the past. Although, creating content takes a little longer, I believe visual and audio content can be very helpful for parents. Many times sites have a ton of reading material. This can be helpful but also exhausting for a parent of a child on The Spectrum. However if the same material can be broken down in an easy to listen to format, mom who may be multi-tasking could benefit from just hearing audio of an interview heighlighting the same information that takes hours to sift through and read.

Before having my son, I had a career in media working in television, radio and news print. Most of my career I’ve worked as a television reporter. Some of the great places I’ve had an opportunity to work in are: my hometown of Buffalo, NY at WGRZ-TV 2 (NBC), Philadephia, PA at CBS 3, San Francisco, CA at Fox 2 News and Flint, MI at WEYI (NBC). I enjoyed the ability to share other people’s stories and share great information in each of these towns.

This blog continues to stretch my writing skills. I hope that I will continue to be a resource for some and a inspiration for others as I continue on this very complicated journey. Coming soon will be a complimentary site called Conversations On The Spectrum. The title reflects the same name as the podcast that I’ve been producing since about December, 2012.